Magnetic Style

Magnetic Style® Ceiling Mount with Magnetic Grips, Jumbo Hook, and Fasteners Bundle

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To add grandeur and function to your household, look no further than the Magnetic Style® Ceiling Mount with its sleek design and easy installation. Now take the ugliness out cleaning tool holders and hang your brooms and mops and other cleaning tools with elegance and in areas that you don't have to hide from viewing. Also take your cleaning tools away from walls to avoid wet mops and dirty brooms from damaging and messing up your house. Patent pending Magnetic Style® Grips easily slide over the ends of poles. Each grip has a strong magnet at its top that attaches to the ceiling mount. Grips easily slide over poles and then tightly fit for effortless hanging. And for items that have odd shaped handles, we still have you covered with the Magnetic Style® Jumbo Hook; use it for large dust pans and other items such as handles with large hooks. Grips and Hook each hold up to 12 pounds. Other features include:

    • 3 Patented Magnetic Style Grips that slide on easily and firmly on mop and broom poles
    • Each grip has a strong neodymium magnet that holds up to 12 pounds
    • Can be used in virtually any space including: utility rooms, broom closets, basements, and kitchens
    • Sleek design
    • Fits on most ceilings

To take your cleaning tools off of the ground and away from walls, look no further than the Magnetic Style® Ceiling Mount Mop and Broom Holder with its easy installation and sleek design. Features include: