Magnetic Style®

Magnetic Style Mop, Broom & Multipurpose Holder; Wall Mount; 3 Positions for Poles; 4 for Hooks; use for Cleaning & Garden Tools, Sports Gear, Apparel, More; Plus Jumbo Magnetic Hook. 2-Pack


Regular price $16.95

This unit is the ideal organizing system for drywall and wood. It has 3 positions for holding poles and 4 hooks for holding a vast array of items including hats, dust pans, brushes etc. Use it anywhere even outdoors. It is weather resistant and will not corrode, or fade regardless of weather conditions. Mounting is easy. Four screws holes are pre-drilled in each mount. Screws and anchors are included. Poles easily slip in and out of the rollers; yet hold firmly in position once inserted. If that is not enough, as our free gift to all purchasers, a Magnetic Style Jumbo Hook. This hook is 2 3/4" long and attaches to your metal appliances and railings. It strong neodymium magnet will hold up to 12 pounds and will hold the heaviest of your household items. This gift is yours to keep even if you return the mop and broom holder. Features include:

  • TOP PERFORMING MOP AND BROOM POLE ORGANIZER - Holds mops and brooms, tools, sports equipment, house cleaning and garden tools, and countless other items. Use both inside and outside. Made of non-corrosive sturdy polypropylene plastic; therefore extreme weather will not damage this product. DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE-Get 2 Mop and Brooms Holders at this discounted price.
  • 7 HOLDERS IN 1 RACK - With 3 pole positions for holding poles and 4 hooks for holding any item that requires a hook including dustpans, hats, towels, etc. The positions adjust to hold poles ranging from 0.7 to 1.0 inches in diameter.
  • HOLD HEAVY POLES - The retractable barrels securely hold poles up to 20 pounds. Poles do not slip yet are easy to remove.
  • RETRACTABLE HOOKS - Pull out to hang thousands of items. But when not in use collapse them in to the holder to save space.
  • EASY AND FAST INSTALLATION-Take on a few minutes to screw it to wall. Screws and inserts included. It works indoors and outdoors. Looks great in laundry rooms, kitchens, basements, garages, patios, and sheds.
  • FREE GIFT - As a special gift to you we include our Magnetic Style Jumbo Hook. A $5.00 value. Just click it on any metal such as your refrigerator or stove and start hanging items. Keep the Jumbo Hook at no charge even if you return the product.