Magnetic Style

Magnetic Style Shelf Mount with Magnetic Grips and Jumbo Hook Bundle

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The Magnetic Style® Shelf Mount is a stylish, nondestructive, and easy-to-install holder that will organize your broom, mops, and other cleaning items in seconds . It requires no tools to set up and is adjustable to fit virtually any shelf. It is adjustable so poles can hang outside or underneath shelves. The package includes 1 shelf mount, 3 Magnetic Style® Magnetic Grips, and 1 Jumbo Hook. The grips easily slide on to cleaning poles and fit securely. The Jumbo Hook holds items with odd shape handles or handles with large hooks such as cleaning brushes or dust pans. If you need a cleaning tool system that is stylish and functional, look no further. Other features include:

  • installation requires no tools and literally takes seconds; mount fits any size shelf
  • most attractive cleaning tool organizing system on the market
  • includes 3 Magnetic Style® Magnetic Grips that slide on poles easily and fit securely
  • includes 1 Jumbo Hook used for large handled cleaning tools such as dust pans and brushes
  • easy to take with you if you move and is totally non destructive