Magnetic Style

Magnetic Style® Wall Mount with Magnetic Grips, Jumbo Hook, and Fasteners Bundle

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Get the stylish organizing solution that fits any wall. Tools hang effortlessly and securely on the Magnetic Style® Wall Mount. Kit includes the door mount, three magnetic grips, and a complete selection of fasteners to take care of your mounting needs. Magnetic grips easily and securely slide over cleaning poles and attached to the metal door mount. Also included is the Jumbo Hook, items with large handles or rings same as dust pans and brushes. Other features include:

  • Magnetic Style® Wall Mount, 3 patented Magnetic Style® Magnetic Grips, 1 Jumbo Hook, 1 pack of Magnetic Style® Molly Bolts, 1 pack of Magnetic Style® Wood Screws, and 1 tube of Magnetic Style® Super Glue Gel
  • Fasteners that allow the Magnetic Style® Wall Mount to easily install on any surface. Fasteners are provided for installing in dry wall, wood, or hard smooth surfaces such as tile
  • Magnetic Style® Magnetic Grips that easily slide over cleaning polls and fit securely. Magnets on grips hold up to 12 pounds
  • Magnetic Style® Jumbo Hook to hold odd shaped handles or handles with large hooks such as brushes or dust pans
  • a system that turns a chaotic pile of brooms and mops into stylish orderly decor