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Mop and Broom Holder Self-Adhesive Multi-Color w/Rollers Removable No-Drilling Maximum-Strength 6-Pack …


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This product is a package of six single mop and broom holders where each unit holds one pole. The six pack is a collection of colors with one each of units colored blue, pink, green, and grey; and an additional two white units. Each unit has a strong self adhesive backing; therefore no tools are required to install. A wide range of pole diameters can fit between the rollers of each unit: from 0.4 to 1.1 inches. The adhesive backing sticks best on hard smooth surfaces such as tile, glass, metal, marble, and wood; and the backing can be non destructively removed from such surfaces. It can even stick on surfaces with a small amount of texture such as dry wall or even painted surfaces; but you should only attach the units to such surfaces if you never plan on removing them. For drywall, you will tear the paper off the dry wall if you plan on removing a unit; and for painted surfaces, you will remove the paint if you try to remove a unit. These units have the best sticking capacity out of any self-adhesive units on the market and, as such, they are capable of holding the heaviest cleaning poles, even wet mops fully saturated. These units are real workhorses. You can yank your cleaning pole right out of the holder without any concern about the backing coming out of the wall. Each unit has rollers which function better than the units that have clamps with no rollers. Rollers hold poles tighter so the poles don't slip; and they make it easy to insert and remove poles into and out of the holder. Other features include:

  • 6 piece multi-color self-adhesive mop and broom holder organizer to orderly store your cleaning tools.
  • The backing will attach to virtually any smooth surface including tile, wood, glass, metal, and marble. It will even attach to textured surfaces.
  • The backing sticks to the wall and the clamp inserts on to the back. The adhesion on the backing is strong and will hold the heaviest of your cleaning tools.
  • The backing is removable
  • Rollers are attached to the clamp that allow you to effortless insert and remove poles. Use this unit to store poles with diameters from 0.4 to 1.1 inches.